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Companies are differentiated not so much by how much they sell, but the customer experience.

If you enjoy working with people and are passionate about travel, OTT customer care and sales courses are tailored to equip you with the right skills to become an exceptional travel brand ambassador.

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  • IATA Airline Customer Service

    This course will teach you a winning combination of knowledge, skills, and attitude to drive outstanding customer service.

    Price: £345 Duration : n/a
  • Price : £320 Duration : n/a

    IATA Tourism - Next Generation

    Learn about the latest trends ... Overview

  • Price : £63 Duration : 20

    IATA Serving the Travel & Tourism Customer

    Learn essential strategies to ... Overview

  • Price : £199 Duration : 6 mths

    Learn2Checkin Course

    The Learn2CheckIn course is a ... Overview

  • Price : £199 Duration : 6 mths

    Learn2Book Course

    The Learn2Book course is a fan... Overview

  • Price : £110 Duration : n/a

    Increasing Employee Productivity CS

    An interactive course teaching... Overview

  • Price : £145 Duration : n/a

    Prospecting for Profit

    This course has been designed ... Overview

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