IATA Introduction to the Airline Industry

Price: $455
Duration: 45 hrs

About the course


Start with the essentials. Learn everything you need to know to launch a career in the airline industry.


What you will learn


Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:


  • - Know the history, current scale and scope of the airline industry
  • - Find out about the multiple operational and business functions of airlines
  • - Describe the duties and responsibilities of key airline personnel



Who should attend


  • - Entry-level airline industry staff
  • - Newcomers to the airline industry
  • - Available as: Distance Learning course
  • - Duration: 40-45 hours plus 2.5 hours for exam
  • - Recommended level: Entry-level and Professional
  • - Prerequisites: None


Key topics


  • Airline Organizational Structure and Personnel
  • Airline Business Model
  • Airline Fleet
  • Airline Manufacturers and Vendors
  • Government and industry agencies



Additional information

Table of Contents (pdf)

This course is offered in the following formats:

1. Textbook. candidates will receive the training material in paper-based format.

2. eBook: training material available in electronic format readable in all computers and portable electonic devices. Benefit from discounted rates and save on shipping!