Gold Membership

Price: $35
Duration: 1 year

Enjoy all of the free membership benefits above and for a very small annual administration charge, you can upgrade to become an official member of OTT. This means you’ll have

- An official Gold Member card, which will give you access to exclusive partner events and discounts
- 25% off selected GDS training should you need to upgrade your skills
- Free entry to the Golden Ticket monthly prize draw of £50 and any other exclusive prizes that may be run for Gold Members from time to time.

Annual Gold Membership fee: £25


- It may take up to 28 days to receive your card. However, your gold membership will start immediately upon payment. 
- The annual fee is not refundable, but your membership may be cancelled at any time prior to renewal.
- All prize winners must be over 18 years, resident in the UK and working for a travel company. OTT cannot guarantee that you will win a prize either from OTT or from our partners.
- To apply for your discount off GDS, simply email 
- Your gold card membership number will be required to access exclusive discounts and to attend exclusive events run by our Partners. Any participation will be subject to our Partners' Terms and Conditions. 
- Further details regarding your OTT membership can be accessed here.