Welcome to Cuba! 

This exciting course features modules on cities and towns, culture, nature, weddings and honeymoons. Once completing the course, you will be a specialist in selling the best of Cuba! 

With a coastline surrounded by tranquil waters, Cuba continues to be the same seductive island which one day appeared before a Genoese sailor, eager to unearth the unknown treasures. Its charms are as many as its different shades of green, it is a mixture of cities and natural landscapes, of sensual dances and songs. It is relaxed but lively, with the exotic aroma of fruits and the flavour of rum.

With its colonial-style towns and cities, its magnificient countryside, its attractive surrounding seabed, its varied culture, and its people-widely renowned for their uniquely hospitable character-Cuba reveals itself to the world, with generosity and pride in its many charms and attractions.

This is not just another typical holiday island. This is Cuba, authentic and unique.

Complete all 5 modules to complete the course, and you will be awarded with a certificate of achievement!